Bob and His Great Adventure

Scoil Fhursa, Coolock, 4th class
Once upon a time there was a spy called Bob.  He was one of the best spies in the company.

He went to the pound and found a dog called Woof.  Woof could speak four languages and had super powers – he could shoot lazers from his eyes. 

Bob went to England to try and join a football team. Woof went with him.  They both did try outs and were waiting to hear back from the manager.Bob was trying to track down Count Billy.  He followed him to a restaurant.  He was about to catch him, but got scared when he saw a banana.  Count Billy had stolen jewels from a museum.Woof tried to catch Count Billy, but got caught and was put into a van.

The next day Bob got a note which said:We have your dog, and if you want him back you have to pay us €500,000,000.Bob found out that he had a place on the football team.  He said to his manager, “if our team wins the next match I want triple my pay.”  The manager said, “okay, but if we loose, you won’t get anything!”It was the day of the big match and Bob was really nervous.  He would be playing with the best players in the world.  He knew that he had to play well to save his best friend.  This was his only chance to save Woof the dog.