Bob and Porky's Adventure

Nun’s Cross, Ashford, County Wicklow, 3rd/4th class, 28th September 2016

“G’day mate, my name is Bob the Blob and my greatest fear is to become a grapefruit.”

“Hello there! My name is Porky and I like jumping in mud.

I also enjoy KFC and sausages.”

Bob and Porky were having this conversation in a patch of mud in Porky’s back yard.

They wandered together into Treewood forest, Devil’s Glen, and watched a meatball get eaten by spaghetti snakes. 

Billy Bob Jo the evil butcher and a grapefruit called Mr Grape were in a massive mechanical snake, which the other spaghetti snakes had taken as their Queen.

“You look tasty,” Billy Bob Joe the Butcher roared at Porky.

“I hate you Granny Jo Jo,” said Bob the Blob.

“Hey, I hate that nickname!” replied Billy Bob Jo. 

“Yeah, well don’t even think about eating me” Porky shouted.

“We can do whatever we want to” replied Mr Grape.

Suddenly Bob noticed that Cheesy Robber was robbing Porky’s house while they were distracted…