Bob the Flying Donkey

Scoil Iosagáin, Crumlin, 5th Class, 23rd May 2012
There once was a donkey called Bob who could fly.

All day and night he soared the skies peeking into all the different stadiums,  for football was his greatest passion in the world.

One  miserable wet Sunday, Bob was depressed because the humans never let flying donkeys play football (they thought they’d be too good at headers). He went out flying to clear his head and he collided with his best friend Patrick, the half eagle/ half donkey.

Seeing that his friend looked down, Patrick asked, “What’s up with you today? You look depressed.”

“I’m feeling down because the humans won’t let me play football. They say that I’ll keep bursting the ball with my buck teeth. All I want to do is play,” said Bob.

“Have I got news for you there is a trial in __________                           
today, and it’s even open to non-humans!” Patrick told him.

Bob was so happy he flew over the moon, before stopping at cloud nine. He went home and got his kit, put on his extra large gumshield so he wouldn’t burst any footballs, warmed up and headed to the stadium.

But when he got there, to his surprise and horror, those horrible nasty butchers were trying out as well, and for left wing too!