Bob vs. Evil-in

St Vincent de Paul Girls Primary School, Griffith Avenue ,3rd classl
Crazy Baby Bob lives with his evil sister, Evil-in. It is no normal family. Some wacky stuff happens around there.

They fight A LOT!Once they were having a bath, and Evil-in splashed Crazy Baby Bob in the face.

Bob screamed and has never been the same.

He saw his shadow in the bath and never got in again. And now anytime he sees his shadow, he screams.

One day mam said, “you can have a pet but you have to agree on what it is.” 

“Right, lets settle this. We’re getting a bat,” said Evil-in.“But my greatest ambition is to have a flying monkey!” said Crazy Baby Bob.

So mam got fed up and she got them both a pet.

Crazy Baby Bob got the flying monkey he wanted, and Evil-in got the bat.

The bat flew around Evil-in’s room and knocked everything over.She decided that she didn’t like the bat anymore.

“How will I get the flying monkey?” she t hought to herself.

Evil-in decided to kidnap the flying monkey from Bob…