Bobbalina and the Land of the Unidragons

​Scoil Íosa, Tallaght. 5th & 6th Class, 26th November 2015

Long, long ago in Unicorn Land there lived a six year old dinosaur called Bobbalina. Bobbalina hated unidragons. When she was a baby, a unidragon had bitten her. 

One day she was at the beach playing with her best friend, Jimineena the donkey.

They were swimming in the sea when, suddenly, Bobbalina was washed away by a wave to a strange island. She wandered into a town full of turtles.

A middle-aged turtled named Jerry bumped into Bobbalina. Jerry liked to climb trees. “Oh sorry! I thought you were a tree,” exclaimed Gerry.  

“Do I look like a tree?” she replied sassily. 

“My bad” said Gerry. “What are you?”

“Well to you I look like a tree but I’m a dinosaur,” Bobbalina told him.

Jerry screamed, “DINOSAUR!!” and alarms went off everywhere. 

“Why are you scared of dinosaurs?” asked Bobbalina. Gerry didn’t answer becuase he was hiding in his shell. 

After that, Bobbalina was feeling anxious and wanted to find her friend Jimineena.

She walked back to the beach and saw Jimineena in a row boat. 

Bobbalina roared with happiness when she saw her friend. 

She then turned to her left and saw a unicorn lying on the sand. She wanted to help the creature so she could fly home. What she didn’t know was that the creature was secretly a unidragon...