Bongo and Andrew’s Adventures

Ashbourne ETNS, 5th class, 6th September 2021

Bongo the Second and Andrew the Pug were in the back garden. They were staring at the sun when Bongo suddenly said, “Wait! We might explode!”

Instead of looking at the sun, they started playing with the super bouncy ball that they got in Smooths. Andrew kept saying, “Can you throw it and I’ll run after it?”

Bongo replied, “No, you throw it. I’ll run after it.”

Finally Bongo said, “Fine, I’ll throw it and you catch it.”

But he couldn’t because he didn’t have hands. He just had paws. So his quest to become a human started. Then Bongo and Andrew saw a small hole in the gate. They tried to get through the hole to escape but they couldn’t. Andrew was able to get through but Bongo was a bit too chubby. 

Then Andrew saw a pickle on the side of the fence. And Bongo ran towards it. 

“Wait! Stop!” Andrew said. “If you eat that you’ll turn into an octopus.”

After that Andrew said, “Maybe we should start biting the wood so you can get through.”

They made the hole bigger and Bongo started crawling through. Half way through crawling, he started to feel bits of would poking him in the side but he didn’t say anything.

Andrew shouted, “Bongo, you’re growing...!