The Boys of Japistan

Scoil Fhursa Kilmore West, 6th Class, 11th June 2009
Manbearpig is in McDonalds in the slums when John Wayne comes in and shoots him with a sleeping dart, throws him in a cardboard box and ships him off to Japistan J.

Even though he doesn’t like John Wayne, Manbearpig loves Japistan because everything is free and he meets his girlfriend – Girlbearpig.

He meets her at a beach in Japistan in Memorial Park

“Give us your digits,” she said.

“Shuboo,” said Manbearpig.

“What’s that?” she said.

“Never mind,” said Manbearpig. “Here’s my number – 9191912.”

“Here’s my number,” she said. “It’s 6161613.”

A couple of years later, Manbearpig is about to propose to Girlbearpig but he gets stuck in the middle of a a game between Milwall and GSE. 

He’s a big West Ham supporter, so he decides to wait to propose to Girlbearpig at half time.  He goes into the middle of the pitch with all the cameras on him and a blimp flying overhead with a message reading “Will You Marry Me?”

Girlbearpig says “No.”

Suddenly, John Wayne comes riding in on a horse.  

He picks up Girlbearpig and rides off to McDonald’s.

Snarf Snarf the elephant hedgehog is waiting outside McDonald’s …