Braydon’s Search For His Parents

By Anna, age 9 - Leitrim

Braydon Bear woke up early and looked around the forest. The sun shone through the leaves, the air was damp. He yawned and looked for his mum and dad, Billy and Becky, but couldn’t see them. He checked behind some other trees but no luck. He went to the lake and washed himself and decided to go in search of them. Braydon’s best friend Jennifer Giraffe was preening nearby.

“Jennifer, can you help me search for mum and dad? They’re nowhere to be found.”

“Sure,” said Jennifer Giraffe, who was already stretching her neck taller to see if she could see them over the trees. They both walked through the forest, shouting, “Billy, Becky, where are you? Can you hear me?”

They heard a noise and followed it, but it was just a bird. They went back to the tree where Braydon usually slept and searched near there when an extraordinary thing happened. Braydon could no longer see Jennifer. She had fallen into a big hole.

“Jenifer, not you too! Where are you?” called Braydon.

“I’m down here!” shouted Jennifer.

Braydon looked down the dark hole and between the leaves and bushes glimpsed Jennifer.

“How will I get down?’’ Braydon asked.

“Use the rope ladder at the side until you get to me. Then you can slide down my neck,” Jennifer replied.

Braydon got down safely and was surprised to see a little village.  “Let’s go into that café over there,” said Braydon.

There were tables and chairs and two bears eating cake and honey, their backs turned to the wall. Jennifer got the menu and ordered two hot chocolates.

“Do those bears look familiar to you?” asked Jennifer.

Braydon looked over to see his parents having two jars of honey. He couldn’t believe it.

“Mum, Dad, you’re here? I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Jenifer fell into the hole by accident and then I came to join her. Have you been here all this time?” Braydon cried.

“I’m sorry,’ said the woman bear. “Who are you? We live in that tree over there. We’ve done so for years. We don’t have any children.”

“Yes, you do. It’s me, Braydon - your son,” Braydon said.

“We’re sorry Braydon,” said the man bear.  “You’ll have to keep searching. We’re not who you’re looking for.”

Braydon and Jennifer backed away out the door and back up the hole. They went to Braydon’s bedroom and drew up a plan for rescuing his parents’ memories. He knew who he was. Now he had to convince his parents who they were. They must have fallen on their heads and forgotten their lives.

“Don’t worry for now,” said Jenifer. ‘You can raid the larder for all the goodies you want. We’ll get them back before you know it.”

So Jenifer and Braydon made a massive pile of peanut bread sandwiches, cut huge slices of some honey cake, three tins of fish, and sat into a bowl of red berries while they drew up their plan.

The End