Bruce the Grape

Sacred Heart BNS, Glasnevin​, 2nd Class, 4th of June 2019

Once upon a time, there was a baby grape called Bruce the grape.

Twenty four years later he grew a moustache.

He bumped his head which made him afraid of blueberries and his moustache fall off.

He fell in love with sausages. He ate lots and lots of sausages and became so fat.

He met his arch-nemesis the blueberry and tried to belly flop on him.

Bruce banged his head again and got amnesia, but he knew one thing.

He loved sausages. The blueberry came in and robbed all the sausages.

Bruce chased the blueberry. He bought a pair of binoculars to find sausages.

He went to the castle.

Bruce’s best friend tried to defeat the blueberry but got flattened…