Bubble Trouble

Central Model Senior School, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, 5th Class, 15th May 2012
Once upon a magical bath tub, John Joe the rubber duck was trying to escape from Slip the Soap.

“Hey Slip look - it’s Justin Bieber!” he cried.

“OMG! Is it really Justin Bieber?” said Slip, jumping out of the bath tub singing “Baby, Baby.”

Now that Slip was out of the way, John Joe went to find Ms Rubby.

After a long time searching, he saw Ms Rubby peeking over the side of the sink.

“RUBBBBBYYYYYY! What the bubbles are you doing in the sink?” squeaked John Joe. “That’s where Slip lives.”

“Oh John Joe. Slip’s minions kidnapped me and hid me here,” Ms Rubby said...