A Bunch of icePhone Propaganda

Dublin 7 Educate Together National School, 6th Class, 19th September 2016

We find our hero, the Bluish Penguin, sitting on the couch eating a cookie and playing video games on the IceBox 7.932.

Suddenly the couch started to move and the penguin remembered he was on an iceberg.

His half-eaten cookie fell into the water with a big splash. This made the penguin sad and he fell to the floor in despair. 

Bluish Penguin’s friend, the Plinkish Frog, started to sing the music from Titanic.

The penguin wanted to call his mam to tell her about his peril, but he realised that his nemesis Larry the Plur Plur Hippo had eaten his phone!

“Noooooo!” he cried “ There goes my icePhone 6+!”

The Bluish Penguin’s entire life flashed before his eyes – Snapchat stories, Instagram photos – all gone! And taken from him by Larry the Plur Plur Hippo!

Just then his mam came in with a plate of fish-flavoured cookies. The Bluish Penguin devoured them.

The Plinkish Frog turned to him and said, “You have to risk your life to get your icePhone back!”

The Penguin decided he would set out that night...