The butcher and the princess

Holy Family Senior National School, Rivervalley, Swords, 3rd-6th Class, 18 June 2012
Once upon a time there was a butcher named Bob. Because of an accident in work, Bob had a super-soaker as a left hand.

When he was younger, Bob had a huge crush on the princess, who was the most beautiful woman in all the land.

He had asked her out before, but she said “no” every single time.

This was because, when she turned twenty, she had to marry the sabre toothed tiger with night vision.

The princess kind of fancied the butcher, but the tiger had threatened her kingdom. 

One day, the princess came in to buy some meat. Bob asked his assistant, Mr. Frank (who was pushing back his false teeth) to serve her, because he was too nervous. 
Frank said, “I’ll help you get the princess as your girlfriend!”

“But what about the tiger?” Bob asked.