Butnick Nugget and Doodle Girl and the Missing Golden Nugget Puppy

Scoil Iosagan, 2nd class, County Cork, 15th of February​ 2019

Once upon a time there was a girl named Doodle Girl.

Then Butnick Nuggets came in with a golden nugget puppy.

And then a big snake comes in and takes it away.

Butnick Nuggets comes in with his nugget gun and shoots the snake with his nugget gun, but the snake goes further away.

But then Doodle Girl got out her drawing pad and drew a crate, it came to life, and she dropped it on the snake.

The snake bit through it.

Butnick and Doodle Girl tried to catch the snake. But Doodle Girl gets captured by the snake!

The snake bit her.

Where did the golden nugget puppy go?

Doodle Girl turned into the golden nugget puppy because she was bitten by the snake.

And then the golden nugget puppy turned into Doodle Girl!