The Cake Lovers

St. Mary's NS, Fairview. 4th Class. 21st June 2011
One morning, Danielle was in the shop buying doughnuts, and she met Caramel, buying cakes. She went over and said, “Hello, nice to meet you.”

Caramel said, “I hear you like doughnuts.”

Danielle asked, “Do you want to stay over tonight and make doughnuts?”

Caramel said, “I don’t like doughnuts. Let’s make cupcakes, instead.”

Danielle said, “Yeah, we’ll make cupcakes, and if we have enough time, we might do some fashion. I’ll pick you up at seven. Before you go, if you have any old t-shirts, bring them over.” 

Caramel went home to her mum and asked if she could stay over at Danielle’s house.


“No, I’m sorry, Caramel. We don’t really know that girl well enough, but you can stay for a couple of hours.”

“Okay, thanks, Mum,” said Caramel. “Do you have any old clothes I can bring over?”

“Yes, I do. Just go take the stuff I don’t need from my wardrobe. It’s in a black bag," said her mother.

Caramel went upstairs and quickly took the first black bag that she saw, as the doorbell rang. She raced out of the door and they set off for Danielle’s house.

They opened up the black bag. “I don’t think that this is the right bag, but let’s use it,” said Caramel…