Candy’s Adventure

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Artane, 2nd Class, 24th October 2019

One day Candy went out to play a game of football. Suddenly, Fluffy the Cat budged into the field and the game was full. Candy couldn’t play anymore.

When Candy went out of the field, Pokemon catchers caught her in a Pokeball.

It was too dark and Candy was terrified.

Candy was so scared that she tried to break out -  but she couldn’t.

Fluffy the Cat took the Pokeball off the Pokemon catcher.

Then she took Candy out of the Pokeball. Candy went back to the field to play football.

When she was there, Candy realised that her wish was to be in a Pokeball.

She ran back to Fluffy and asked her to put her back into the Pokeball...