The Candy World

St Brigid’s Girls National School, Finglas West, 3rd Class, 8 October 2019

Once upon a time there was a castle -  but not just an ordinary castle. This was a candy castle.

There was a girl who was a princess and her name was Rose.

Rose lived in her mother’s candy castle. Her mam bought her evil twin sister, Roxy, her own candy castle.

This was no ordinary candy castle, this was a dark, dark candy castle that was haunted.

Rose wanted her own candy castle but not a dark, dark candy castle.

She wanted a lovely, pink and purple candy castle where eveything was made out of candy.

The inside of the castle would very fluffy and made out of cotton candy.

Rose had a best friend who was a candy dog named Diamond.

One day, Rose and Diamond were talking.

Rose said to Diamond, “Do you want to find some different candy to eat?”

“Yes, of course,” replied Diamond.

Little did they know, Roxy, Rose’s evil twin sister, was listening to them...