Captain Harry’s Friends

​Gheel Autism Services, Writing Group, Friday 24th June 2016

Captain Harry, the blue human, lived in London, England with his three aunties - Georgina, CJ, and Caroline. 

Captain Harry lived in a giant red house with his friends Paddington Bear and Pickins the Rabbit. 

“Mmmmm mashed potatoes!” said Paddington. 

Pickins the rabbit said, “I want chips!”

“Forgot about potatoes and chips, I want a burger!” said Captain Harry. “I’d like to go to California to find the world’s BIGGEST burger!”

The three friends hopped on an Airbus and it took them all day to get to Los Angeles, California. 

It was too warm for Captain Harry and his friends when they arrived, so they decided to go for a drink.
They went to Starbucks and they ordered a cappuccino, a latte and an orange juice. 

In the coffee shop, there was a man with black hair and a moustache. 

“Good evening, I’m Scooby Peters. I work here every day serving customers. I love my job.”
“Hello, Scooby Peters,” replied Captain Harry. “Maybe you could help me find the giant burger!”

Scooby Peters decided to help Captian Harry. 

“I’ll introduce you to my cousin, Scooby Dom,” said Scooby.

Captain Harry was delighted and he was smiling. They rented a big Toyota car and drove four hours to San Francisco. 

They went over the Golden Gate Bridge and then left the car and took a boat at the harbour. Scooby Dom was a fisherman.

“The place to find the biggest burger is a restaurant called ‘Stir Fry,’ which is here in California,” Scooby Dom told them. 

Captian Harry was getting really excited. Harry and his friends got to the restaurant at nine o’clock. 

“Can I take your order please?” asked a waitress named Ann. She had brown hair and was wearing a uniform. 
“I want a giant burger please!” asked Harry. “I’d like it with cheese, tomato, bacon, red sauce, and chips as well!”

“No problem, just two minutes!” Ann said.

The burger arrived on a huge plate that was carried in by two people. They placed it in front of Harry. 

It took him a good while to finish it and all the sudden he felt like he was going to be sick. He was going to burst like a balloon. 

“Well done, congratulations! You ate the whole thing!” said Pickins and Paddington. 

“Now I’m going to order ice cream and jelly,” said Captain Harry. 

“You’ll be so full!” his friends told him, laughing...