Captain Melted Cheese Strikes Back

​Scoil Thomais, Castleknock, 4th Class, 3 September 2018

One morning, a boy called Thomas woke up and discovered that he had turned into melted cheese.

Thomas felt excited. “I must be delicious!” he said.

Thomas went downstairs and discovered that his dog, Charlie had turned into a sausage.

Thomas then ran back upstairs to see if his brother Ryan had also turned into cheese.

Ryan had turned into blue cheese and was really smelly. Thomas said, “Why are you still in bed? It’s time to go to school.”

Ryan replied, “I’m blue cheese. I’m not going to school.”

Thomas looked out the window and noticed that everyone had turned into breakfast.

There were eggs, rashers, puddings (black and white), pancakes, orange juice, boxes of Cheerios and Weetabix, toast and croissants.

Thomas said to Ryan, “Who did this to us?”  But Ryan was gone.

Thomas went outside and saw Ryan with his best friend, Noah the Dinosaur, discussing a plan.

Thomas could tell it was an evil plan from the look on their faces.

Thomas looked up and saw his best friend, Ben the Ninja Pizza flying through the air.

He crashed through Thomas’s bedroom window.

Thomas ran upstairs. Ben shouted, “Ryan and Noah have an evil plan and they’re up to no good!!”…