Captain Porkchop and the Missing Diamond

St Brigids Primary School Haddington Road 5th Class 15th February 2011
Captain Porkchop was on his ship the Sailing Sausages.

It was a stormy night and he was telling his look-out Ribbit the frog how he’d escaped from John the butcher in Grafton Street in Dublin.

“It was a sunny summer day,” said Captain Porkchop. “But I was nearly made into porkchops by John the butcher. Perspiration was running down my face, when the butcher’s daughter Wendy came in, asking for a new dress because she fell into the mud.

John the butcher said to me, ‘stay there for a minute’. As soon as he left, I escaped.”

Ribbit asked: “what colour was the dress?”

“How should I know, I escaped!” answered Porkchop. “I took all the money from the cash register and bought a ship from a mouse called Leila down at the docks.”

When Captain Porkchop was in the butcher shop, he heard customers talking about the diamond which grants four wishes.

He didn’t believe in it but after he bought his ship, he found a map which showed where the diamond was concealed. When he opened the map, it began to talk.

“Where is the map now,” asked Ribbit. “And what did it say?”