Charlotte and her Stolen Paintings

Central Model Senior School, Marlbourough Road 2nd Class 2 June 2011
Once upon a night, Charlotte the Artist-Girl was painting in her studio in her mansion in the park.

She was painting a picture of a lion for her friend the sick lion to make him feel better.

She felt a little bit hungry so she went to the fridge to get herself a snack.

She had some bacon and eggs, and then started climbing the stairs back to her studio to finish the painting. When she got back, however, her paintings had been stolen!

“Oh no!” she screamed. “Who stole my paintings???”
Just then Lookman Luke, Charlotte’s best friend, arrived at her front door. He was about to knock when she opened it, said, “My paintings have been stolen!” and started to cry.  

“It’s okay Charlotte,’ said Lookman Luke. “I can go find your paintings for you. My glasses have a special power.

They can pick up fingerprints and footprints.”
He walked into the studio and used his glasses to examine the floor and the door handle. There was also one painting left behind and Lookman Luke spotted some pawprints on it! He followed the pawprints and they led him down the stairs, out the door, and across the park to the sick lion’s house.
The lion was in bed. Lookman Luke said to him, “Why did you steal the paintings?”

The lion said, “It wasn’t me! I was in bed the whole time!”
“Then who stole them?” asked Lookman Luke.
“Maybe someone used fake pawprints to pretend it was me,” said the lion.
“How do you know that?” asked Lookman Luke.
“Because one of the paintings told me,” said the lion…