Cheese Versus Toilet

Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School Donabate 3rd Class 13th January 2011
Mr. Cheese and Glass of Milk are playing in the kitchen. They are playing tag. 

Mr Cheese touches Glass of Milk and becomes sick because he is allgeric to milk.

Mr Cheese goes to the bathroom but he is afraid of the toilet.

Mr Cheese gets pushed into the toilet by some mice.

Glass of Milk jumps in after to try and save his friend.

All of his milk pours out of his glass so now he is just a glass.

Mr Cheese doesn’t recognise Glass of Milk anymore. They are tumbling down the toilet and get thrown down into the sea and into a shark’s mouth.

 They find a shark’s tooth inside the mouth and make the shark burp them out.

Mr Cheese and Glass of Milk are flying through the air and Glass of Milk is now only a glass of water. They land in a fisherman’s boat.