Cheeseball Magee and his Cardy Friend

St. Brigid’s BNS, Killester, 5th Class, 1st February 2012
One day, Mr.  Cheeseball Magee was walking along a road made of cheese strings when he stumbled across a box of cards.

The box of cards was sunbathing and Cheeseball Magee fell over him, and accidentally kicked him in the face.
“Hey! Watch yourself!” said the box of cards.

“Sorry,” said Cheeseball Magee, ‘I’ll buy you an ice-cream.”

Cheeseball trotted off to get the box of cards an ice-cream from the friendly cushion at the newsagents down the road.

On the way back, Cheeseball trips again, and falls on the pavement.  

The ice-cream goes hurtling into the air, but luckily, it bounces off his big, cheesey belly and he manages to catch it! Phew!

“Thanks, I’m Cornelius cards!” smiled the box of cards.

“What a good name! I’m Cheeseball Magee!”

“Mmmm! What a tasty name!” replied Cornelius, hungrily.

Three weeks later, Cheeseball and Cornelius have become great friends. They were going to a football match: Cheese United VS Raisin Rovers.
Suddenely, a fight broke out in the stands. 

The Raisin supporters starting bouncing the cheese fans around, and Cheeseball Magee noticed some raisins going onto the pitch, and pushing the Cheese United players around. 

Cheeseball wanted to save the players of his favourite team, but just as he tried to save them he felt a sharp bite at his arm-it was the raisins!
Cheeseball was so furious that he decided to join Cheese United and take on the raisins in the Cluppie Cup final.