Cheesy Delight

4th Class, Central Model Senior School, Marlborough Street, 28th April 2009
Cheesy Toe Nails lives in a cardboard box on the M50. His greatest fear is Pippy Four Toes because when he clips his toenails they go into his eyes and Cheesy Toe nails doesn’t like that.

Cheesy is asleep in his box one night when Pippy Four Toes sneaks into his box and clips his toes.

Cheesy wakes up while his toes are being clipped and he shouts ’get out of my cardboard box, you creep!’

His best friend, Jimmy Bobby Toey comes to the rescue.

All of a sudden Cheesy Toes tries to get up to thank him, but he falls on to the road because he is not used to having short toe nails.

Jimmy Bobby Toey saves him again and drags him back into the box again.....