Chip & Coco

St.Francis of Assissi Primary School, Balgriffin, 3rd Class, Tuesday 16th May 2017

Chip the Cookie was the loneliest cookie in the world until he found his best friend Coco the Chocolate bar.

Chip lived in a house by himself until one day he was walking along and bumped into a chocolate bar.

“Sorry,” said Chip.

“It’s fine, I’m Coco, what’s your name?” said Coco.

“I’m Chip, nice to meet you Coco.”

Chip had a new friend but was still lonely because he didn’t have a family.

Coco didn’t have a family either so they decided to search for one together.

They decided to look in a shop for their families.

They went to the shop and as they came in the door they saw loads of children and they were frightened.

A family walked by and one of the children saw a cookie.

“Yum cookie,” it said and picked up Chip...