Chip's Dream

Our Lady of Mercy NS, 4th Class, 13/05/10
One dark Easter night, everyone was asleep apart from Tom. Chip and Gingee, who are best friends, were in the fridge.

They saw a glass of milk. Chip tried to climb into the glass but he didn’t make it. After a few attempts, he gave up.

Suddenly, they heard a noise and the fridge door opened. Hungry Tom took Chip upstairs and put him in his midnight snack pile.

Tom’s dog Cooper snatched Gingee and dropped him in his dogbowl.

“Oh no!” said Gingee. “If I don’t get back in the fridge, I will turn stale! But first, I must save Chip!”

Meanwhile, Cooper tried to eat Gingee. Gingee jumped onto his coat, kicked him and Cooper shot up the stairs.

Tom noticed a dark shadow dashing up the stairs. He jumped into bed and pretended to be asleep…