Chubby the Pig Goes To New York

St Patrick's National School, Glencullen, 3rd Class, 28 September 2011
Once upon a time, Chubby the Pig was rolling in the mud.

 He was also booking flights to go to New York. While he was booking the flights, he was talking to his best friend, Bobby the Cow.

Chubby said, “This is great mud, isn’t it Bobby?”

“Be quiet, Chubby!” said Bobby. “You’ll never get to New York, you’re only a pig!” 

“Bobby, you’re mean. Nothing is impossible!” said Chubby.

“But Chubby, did you not know that New York is full of chickens?” asked Bobby.

Chubby replied, “But how could there be more chickens in New York than there are on the farm?”