Chuck the Coffaholic

St. Laurences BNS, Kilmacud, 4th Class, 03/06/10
Once upon a time, in a tree not so far away, Chuck the squirrel was happily storing his nuts away for winter when he saw a jar of coffee on the ground. He immediately fell in love.

“How could someone throw away something so beautiful,” he thought to himself.

He ran over and carried the jar into his tree and kissed it for luck. Four years after tasting the coffee, he was was still addicted to it.

His best friend Eddie the Badger came to visit him and asked him, “do you have any tea?”

“Goodness no!” replied Chuck.

“How could you! I have coffee coffee coffeeeeee!!!”

Eddie replied, “tea is much, much nicer than coffee!”

Chuck had a dream- a flashback- of the first time he drank coffee.

He remembered how wonderful it tasted and that it was the nicest thing in the world.

Chuck said to Eddie, “coffee is much better for you than tea!”

Eddie thought to himself “hmmm. Real coffee has too much caffeine in it! I’ll give him decaf and he won’t notice.”

Eddie said to Chuck “I want to buy you a present…”