Ciara’s Adventures

Corpus Christi GNS, 4th class, 21st April 2021

It was just a normal day for Ciara but when her mum went to work she seemed to be taking a very long time.

It was unusual because her mum should’ve been home an hour ago. 

Ciara was at the house playing with her cat, What, when she heard a knock on the door.

It was the guards telling Ciara that her mum had been in an accident.

Sadly her mum didn’t make it. Ciara felt really sad. She began to cry.

When she was sad, she just hugged her cat really tight. After the funeral, she didn’t come out of her room for three days. 

The dad said, “You need to relax. Have some ice-cream and binge your favourite show.”

A few days later, when she started school again, things got even worse.

She couldn’t concentrate and her teacher, Ms. McConacay was very mean to her. 

She would moan at Ciara saying, “If my mum died and I was fine with it you should be fine with it because you’re just a child.”

When Ciara got home, she realised her neighbour’s dog had just had puppies.

What the cat was eying them through the window. Things were starting to look up. 

Suddenly, the cat jumped out the window and pounced into the neighbour’s garden...