The Cigar Smoking Dogs

St.Josephs CBS, Fairview. 4th Class, 18th January 2010
Once upon a time in Fairview, there were two dogs chasing cats and hiding from dog catchers.

While they were hiding, they took out big cigars and started smoking them.

They called this game hide ‘n’ chase.

The two dogs were called Ripper and Patrick. Ripper said to Patrick, “Let’s go and play catch with a cat!”

“Let’s do that later! Let’s walk on the path,” Patrick replied.

While they were walking, the dog catchers started to chase them.

The dog catchers were yelling, “Come back here, you mutts!!!”

Ripper and Patrick threw their cigars on the grass and the grass caught on fire. The dog catchers had to stop chasing them.

Ripper and Patrick had to get away from the fire, so they jumped over a barbed wire fence into Mr MacGregor’s garden.

Mr MacGregor had a sledgehammer, so they ran away from him into the Dog Cave under Fairview Park.

There were loads of other dogs in the Dog Cave coming up with a plan to take over the world…