City of Love

​SWICN, 15 June 2015
“It was exactly two years ago when I met the love of my life”, Selena said to her sister Glitter. 

Two years earlier...

I was walking the streets of Paris and I bumped into this person and dropped my books onto the ground.

I was just on my way to school. He helped me pick up my books. We both picked up the last book at the same time, our hands touched and our eyes met and there were sparks.

I didn’t know his name so I just said “Thank you” and headed to school.

I rushed up to my locker and as I turned my head I saw him. Suddenly I noticed he was walking over to me.

As he walked over to me I fluttered my eyelashes and flicked my hair. He said “Hi”, but I panicked and didn’t know what to say.

I started to stutter, “Oh hey gorgeous, oh w..wait, I didn’t mean to say that!” My breath got quicker and I nervously giggled. Before I knew it, my feet took control of me and I ran to the toilets.

When I got into the toilets I saw my best friend Sophie and told her what had happened. Sophie pretended not to care but in her eyes you could see how jealous she was.

Sophie started to convince me that he was out of my league and didn’t actually like me the way I liked him.

When I walked out the bathroom door, I bumped into the boy. He had been listening to our whole conversation...