Clawguy and the weird dog who kept on farting

Scoil San Séamus, Basin Lane, 2nd Class, 27th June 2012
One day, Clawguy was made in a lab.  His body was made out of steel. 

He had claws for hands and he had spikey hair.  He looked like a scary nerd! 

“Greetings and welcome to the lab,”  said Bouncer the Super Dog, who was bouncing and flying around.

“Good morning,” said Clawguy.  “It’s weird that you keep farting!”

“It’s my super power,” said Bouncer.

“Get us out of here, you crazy dog,” said Clawguy.

They ran to the door to try and get out but it was locked. 

Clawguy tried to punch his way out but it was too strong, so Bouncer farted fire at the door, burning the lock and setting them free.

“Thanks for saving me,” said Clawguy.  “Let’s go back to 1990 in a time machine to save my partner”......