Clown Invasion

Virgin Mary BNS Ballymun 3rd, 4th and 5th Class 7 February 2011
Fishy the kung fu fish liked to go to the kung fu club where he would meet his best friend Steven Bond, the football playing spy.

One day, after they had finished training Steven suggested, “Let’s go to KFC.”

On the way there, they saw a couple of clowns. Normally Fishy was afraid of clowns so he ran into KFC and locked the doors. 

He even locked his friend Steven out.

Fishy’s girlfriend Deirdre was already in KFC.  He went over to say hello. 

Deirdre wanted to go to the disco with him but Fishy was too afraid to go back outside because of the clowns.

Deirdre let Steven into KFC.

Steven said, “I have a plan how to get Fishy out of here.”