Clowning Around!

Our Lady of Mercy Convent School, Booterstown, 4th Class, 28 March 2012
One day, Chris the Clown had an audition to become a ballerina! 

He was sooo nervous he didn’t look where he was going and bumped into his best friend, Moustache the extra-fat hippo, who fell over!

Moustache started crying and Chris tried to jump over him, but he bounced off Moustache’s belly, hit a tree, and sprained his ankle! 

“What did you do that for?!” said Moustache.  “You squished my croissant!” (In a French voice, of course.)

“I see staaaars...!” said Chris while he fell out of the tree. 

He conveniently fell into a wheelchair and aimed to roll into the nearest Princess Hospital, BUT he rolled into his biggest fear... the circus!