Clyde’s Big Escape

Jonathan Swift NS, Dunlavin, County Wicklow, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th, 24 November 2016

Clyde the Kitten is in the street feeling lonely and wishing for a family.

He sees someone eating a hot-dog so jumps up to get the hot-dog off him. 

The hot-dog turns out to be magical and it teleports Clyde to the Candy Kingdom. 

When he arrives he gets hit by a sandwich-mobile driven by Dr. Sandwich.

Dr. Sandwich gets out of the sandwich-mobile and says: 

“Sorry for hitting you! My vehicle was out of control, and I couldn’t get my foot on the brakes because I forgot to fill up with ketchup.”

“It’s okay! I’m not hurt,” Clyde replies.

“Would you like to come for lunch in my Candy Kingdom castle?” Dr. Sandwich asks.

“I’d love to come!”

“Well, we’d better start running before the sandwich-mobile explodes!”

Once they arrive at the castle, there are loads of burning hot radiators. Clyde burns his tail! This is how he gets his fear of radiators. He curls up into a ball and miaows.

Dr. Sandwich gives him a healing potion, but the potion turns Clyde into toast. Burnt toast!!

Then Dr. Sandwich betrays Clyde and pushes him down a slide into a room that is slowly filling with melted butter, and mayonnaise is firing out of tiny holes in the walls.

There’s no more Clyde the Kitten: now he’s Clyde the Soggy-Toast man.

Luckily he breaks the glass window and the melted butter drains out of the room. He turns back into Clyde the Kitten.

He runs down the hall in fear of radiators, but Dr. Sandwich catches him by the tail and pulls him back inside…