Colour Dudz and the Revenge of the Bullies

Bayside SNS, Sutton 5th Class. 11th October 2011
One day, Bob and Billy were watching Star Wars Episode 16 (precisely).

illustration story 1 Suddenly, Bob started choking, “Choke, choke!”

“What’s wrong?” Billy said.

“I’ve forgotten to breathe!” croaked Bob.

“Again?” sighed Billy sarcastically, patting him on the back. “Suck in and then blow out!” Billy didn’t know his own strength and gave Bob a big bruise. 

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Billy and Bob attempted a moonwalk across the floor. They tripped over themselves, accidentally breaking the door open – yet again.

“Darn these wooden doors.   I’ve got a splinter!” exclaimed Billy.

illustration story 2Meanwhile, in the mystical land of Kilbarrack, Brad was yet again trying to open his toothpaste.

Brad rang Bob and Billy. “I can’t get my toothpaste open again!” he said.

Back at The Colour Cave, AKA the garage, AKA their parents' gaff, the Colour Dudz looked out the door but there was no one there.

“Those damn bullies!” exclaimed Bob and Billy in unison.

Little did they know, The Bullies were flattened under the door. “We gotta get those dorks back…”