The Colourful Adventure

St Mary’s Primary School, Dublin 7, 5th Class, 22 November 2016 

Long ago in the Rainbow World, Michelle existed and wanted to meet Sanic the Hedgehog. 

Rainbow World only had llamas, unicorns and hedgehogs on it.

Sanic the Hedgehog was the strongest and fastest of the hedgehogs.

One day, Sanic got caught by Hydra. Hydra brought Sanic to his lair and wanted to throw him inside.

Hydra is a grey three-headed dragon.

Michelle and her best friend, Bublashca the Llama Born with a unicorn horn, Bublashca the llama was Michelle’s best friend.

She went with Michelle on a quest to find Sanic and defeat Hydra.

On their quest to the lair, they heard a scream from inside, “Help!”

When they got to the door of the lair, Michelle realised she can’t get in because both the lair and Hydra are grey. 

Michelle couldn’t touch the door because she would become grey and evil. 

Bublashca pushed Michelle into the grey door...