Conquering Earth

​Kildalkey National School, Kildalkey, Co. Meath, 4th Class, 7 June 2017 

This is my crazy life. 

I’m so sad and lonely, everyone calls me Mr Nobody. I’m a big blob.

But I will show them - the world will be mine. 

I wish I had a name. My only friend is Sonic the Spaceship.

He is a giant red and silver fidget spinner and even though he is not alive, I have to use my imagination. 

Sonic and I are planning to destroy the Earth.

I’m going to make an absorbing bomb and we are going to try to absorb The White House. 

I land in Hawai’i and encounter bearded men with chainsaws.

I’m so scared of bearded men that my goo goes everywhere.

I shoot my fidget spinners at them and they turn into stone. 

I go back to my spaceship and fly. I land in a cornfield.

I meet a beautiful scarecrow who doesn’t like me back and teleports me home. 

Now how will I get back to Earth?...