Cookie Disaster!

St Thomas Senior School, Jobstown, 4th Class, 15 December 2016 

Trevor was a mini chocolate bar.  He was really poor and felt sad because he didn’t have anything to eat. The only thing he had to eat was Smarties.  

But he was a really good footballer.  He got scouted for Barcelona.  Then he got rich and then he got a Lamborghini. 

He moved to a rich mansion in Cookieland (which is in Spain) because he was playing for Barcelona.

His mansion was a freezer because it was too hot in Spain and he would melt. 

When Trevor first arrived in Cookieland, he needed directions to find his way around.  He asked Buggy the cookie. 

“Can I have directions?” said Trevor.

“Yes,” replied Buggy. 

“Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Trevor,” said Trevor.  

“And I’m Buggy. Nice to meet you!” said Buggy the cookie.

Then they met Spider Cookie as they walked down the street. Spider Cookie makes Smarties.  

The Smarties were angry with Trevor because he ate Smarties all the time. Now they wanted revenge...