The Cookie’s Great Adventure

St.Fiachra’s Junior National School, Artane. 2nd Class, 19th December 2017

Once upon a time, there was a cookie named Bite. He wanted to go on lots of adventures.

He decided to go over to see his best friend, Doughy the Doughball, to ask if he wanted to go on an adventure too.

On the way through the woods to Doughy’s house, he saw the Evil Pickle.

The Evil Pickle kidnapped Bite the Cookie. The Evil Pickle was secretly an alien in disguise.

Bite tried to bite the pickle in order to escape but the evil pickle’s costume came off.

“After all this time you’re an alien!” Bite shouted.

The Evil Pickle brought Bite to his spaceship and they went to Mars.

Bite saw Doughy the Doughball in the spaceship.

The Evil Pickle had also kidnapped his best friend! He put them both in the spaceship’s jail.

“I missed you for a long time,” Bite said to Doughy.

“Bite, I have a plan so we can escape,” Doughy responded.

The alien prison on the ship looked like an underground cave.

It felt like the walls were shrinking in around them.

Bite said to Doughy “Let’s make a spaceship so we can escape.”

“How are we going to make the spaceship?” Doughy asked.

“The aliens really like Lego, so maybe we can build a spaceship out of Legos,” said Bite.

The two friends decided to get to work on their plan…