Cornelius & Micken in a Cardboard Box

St Fiachra's National School, 6th Class, 2nd April 2009
One rainy day, Cornelius the leprechun was talking to himself.  “Some people’s ambitions are hard to follow.  Not mine!” All he wanted to be was a hobo.

But Cornelius had one great fear – he knew that if he became a hobo, he was in grave danger of being attacked by a platypus for platypusses roamed the streets of the city.

He wanted to live on O’Connell Street but because of the statue of the Great Platypus which stood at the top of the street, all the platypusses gathered around every day to see it.

One day, when he decided to drown his sorrows in the pub, he met Steve the Micken (a micken is a half-chicken-half-man), who was destined to become his best friend.

“Yo, whazzup, my homey?” Steve the Micken said to him.

Cornelius cut straight to the chase.  “Earlier on in my life, I was attacked by platypusses and had to go to a psychiatric centre!”

After a few pints, Cornelius went outside for a fag, and the thing he feared most happened: he found himself being attacked by platypusses!....