Corny: The Random Story

St. Brendan’s B.N.S, Artane, 6th Class, 3 May 2012
Once there was a boy named Corny, who was totally random. 

He could turn into anything in the world and his favourite word was orthodontist. Corny also liked eggs but he was afraid of chickens.

One day, Corny decided to go to the pet shop.  On the way there he found a rock. 

He said to the rock, “Hello, rock. You are my new best friend. You rock.” 

He drew a face on the rock and it started talking to him. 
“Thanks for picking me up,” said the rock. Corny put the rock, whose name was Steve, into his pocket and continued to the pet store. 
When he got to the pet store, he saw Sammy the squirrel in a tree in the centre of the shop.

Corny grabbed the squirrel and ran out of the shop. 

He put the squirrel in the very same pocket as Steve.  Steve said, “Beat it, fat boy!”