Cory and Perry's Revenge

Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School, Lucan, 3 October 2011
Cory the Kiwi was afraid of the evil empire of fruit ninjas.

illustration story 1 One night, Cory had a nightmare about being peeled by the ninjas as he was trying to find the Diamond of the Kiwis. He also dreamt about being sold in a shop.

illustration story 2He woke up from this dream, and found himself locked up in the dungeon of the fruit ninjas’ castle. It wasn’t a dream after all!

The ninjas had taken over the kiwi lands, and they had imprisoned Perry the Pepper in the same cell as Cory.

Perry helped Cory by spraying his pepper spray on the ninjas. Perry had made the pepper spray out of…himself!  Cory also put some kiwi seeds in it.

After Cory and Perry fled the dungeon, they started searching for new lands....