The Cow Heist

Belmayne Educate Together, National School, 5th Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 11 Feburary 2020

Long long ago and far away in FarmerVille, Sergeant Shoe was trying to steal a cow.

Sergeant Shoe had to get past Farmer Billy to get to the shed. He had to jump over Farmer Billy’s fence.

On his way, Sergeant Shoe bumped into Emperor Toe, who also wanted to steal the cow.

All of a sudden a fight broke out between Emperor Toe and Sergeant Shoe.

Emperor Toe summoned his army of snails and it took two years for them to arrive.

Sergeant Shoe summoned his army of toenails. They were led by Overgrown Toenail, Sergeant Shoe’s best friend.

While Emperor Toe was distracted, Sergeant Shoe jumped over the fence.

Suddenly, he saw his mam, who was dating Farmer Billy.

He gasped in horror at the sight of them together.

Sergeant Shoe was then distracted by his mam dating Emperor Toe’s dad Billy.

While Sergeant Shoe was distracted, Emperor Toe grabbed the cow.

Then Overgrown Toenail came to the rescue. Overgrown Toenail jumped from the top of the tree, aiming for Emperor Toe.

However, he hit the cow instead, who was knocked out and was too heavy to move.

So then Sergeant Shoe had to go with Plan B and he tried to steal the baby cow Elsa.

Sergeant Shoe saw Emperor Toe running with the unconscious cow and cried. When he saw the baby cow Elsa, he was happy again. But because Elsa was a baby cow, they couldn’t control her.

She ran off into the field, leaving Emperor Toe and Sergeant Shoe without a cow. They both went home devastated and cowless.

That concludes this portion of the story...