The Cranky President

Scoil Bhride J.N.S, Donaghmede, 2nd Class, 5th March 2012
One day Ms Cranky woke up, as cranky as ever! She looked out the window and noticed loads of kids playing. 

The kids were throwing things at her window and using sling shots.  They didn’t like her because she always took their footballs away and burst them when they played outside her house.

Ms Cranky opened the window.  She put her hand in a fist and shouted “You rotten kids!! Never come back here again or I’ll burst all your footballs!”

Just then, Mr Ugly knocked for Ms Cranky and scared all the kids away. 

“Good morning! You’re looking as cranky as can be,” he said.

“Thank you,” said Ms Cranky. “And you’re looking as ugly as can be.   The flies are making you stink, and...I think the eggs on your head are starting to hatch!”

Ms Cranky decided to tell Mr Ugly her greatest wish.

“I’ve something to tell you, Mr Ugly. 

I’ve always wanted to be President of the United States of America,” she said.