The Craziest Day Ever

St.Laurence O Tooles GNS, Sheriff Street. 2nd Class. 3rd December 2009
Once upon a time there was a boyfriend named Travis. Travis was tall and gorgeous. He was go hálainn

His girlfriend’s name was Jasmin. Jasmin had blonde hair and a side fringe. Her hair was massive. She wore lots of nice clothes.

Travis called Jasmin on the phone.

“Hey! You promised me you’d come over and kiss me!” said Travis.

“I’ll be there in half an hour. We’ll go on a date,” said Jasmin.

Travis’s Nanny came into the room and hit him with a wooden spoon!(So that’s why he’s afraid of his nanny.) His Nanny was cranky and fed up with him because he wouldn’t do his chores.

“Hey, Nanny, you old woman, why did you hit me with the spoon in the face? I’m getting out of this house!” said Travis. Travis clicked his fingers and walked out. “Cheek of that woman!”

Travis’s best friend, Evan knocked on the door. “Hey, man! What’s up? Do you want to go to New York to get away from that old woman?”

Travis was happy to be going on holidays. He brought Jasmin with him. They had a date in Charlie’s Hotel in New York.  Evan met his girlfriend there too. Her name was Heidi.

Meanwhile Travis’s Nanny was wrecking the house looking for Travis. She got stuck in the toilet. “Where’s them two boys?”