Crazy Baby and Vanessa Get Lost in Africa

Sacred Heart of Jesus National School, 2nd Class, 26th May 2009
One day there was a crazy baby who came to life.

He went to the cinema. He sat beside a girl.

“Hey baby,” said Crazy Baby.

“What’s your name?” asked the girl, whose name was Vanessa.

“My name is Crazy Baby,” said Crazy Baby.

“My name is Vanessa,” replied the girl.

They went to an Italian restaurant but Crazy Baby couldn’t get it into the chair.

Crazy Baby got a jet pack. He asked Vanessa to come with him.

“Vanessa,” asked Crazy Baby. “Is it OK if we go back to my house to get my rollerblades?”

“Why do you want your rollerblades?” said Vanessa.

“Because it’s my dream to rollerblade across Africa,” said Crazy Baby.

“OK,” said Vanessa.

They both put on jet packs and flew to Africa.

They landed in China because the jet packs ran out of petrol. Crazy Baby and Vanessa couldn’t find each other. Crazy Baby put up a flag and he yodelled.

They found each other on a big hill. Crazy Baby rollerbladed over to Vanessa and gave her a pair of rollerblades. They rollerbladed down the hill.