A Crazy Duck And A Plan

St Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 13 December 2016 

Jeremiah the Duck was a crazy duck and his only friend was Swiggles the talking marshmallow.

His dream was to fly to the moon and his greatest fear was Swedish fish.

One day Jeremiah and Swiggles made a plan to fly to the moon in a rocket.

However, they feared an army of Swedish fish were going to ruin their plan.

Sadly they thought the Swedish fish had marshmallow cannons to stop their rocket engine.

In their previous battle the Swedish fish army had stolen the marshmallow cannons.

Swiggles said to Jeremiah, “I always knew my cousin Philly, the leader of the Swedish fish army had a plan to take over all the ducks and sabotage your dreams.”

“That’s nonsense,” replied Jeremiah. “They wouldn’t sabotage my dreams, would they?”

The Swedish fish army overheard the conversation and captured Jeremiah while he was sleeping.

Philly said, “I caught you red-handed!” and took him to a jail cell.

Then Louis an ex-member of the Swedish fish army tried to swoop in to save Jeremiah...