The Criminals and the Diamond

St.Patrick’s JNS, Blanchardstown, 2nd class, 29th September 2021

Greg the super-villain and Freddy the Criminal were robbing a bank. And then Eddie the super-hero came and they started fighting.

Then the superhero went away because he didn’t have enough power and the criminals went to their hide-out.

They were talking about how to defeat the chief of the super-heroes who was stronger than all the super-heroes.

Then one of the cops found their hide-out and they were hiding and throwing fake paper guns at the cops.

They were also throwing fake paper bombs at the police because they thought that that would make them run away - but it didn’t. 

Freddy the Criminal and Greg the super-villain always tried to run away from the cops but the police always caught up. 

“We have to run!” Greg said. 

“Yeah!” Freddy agreed. 

They ran like gingerbread men.  

When they were sleeping, a big monster came and tried to take their diamond…