Croak To Victory

Guardian Angels NS, Blackrock, 31st January, 2012, 6th Class
“Croak croak, time to get up,” said Mama Brog to Brog.

Brog was in bed sleeping. He was tired after last night’s rapping competition. Brog was still thinking about his defeat from the Hungry Hungry Hippos the previous night.

Brog jumped up and had breakfast of microwaved flies. There was a knock on the door, and it was Brog’s best friend, Bob the talking fish.
Bob noticed that Brog was looking glum and asked him what happened. Brog told him what happened the night before.

“I’ve got something to cheer you up,” said Bob. 

With a smile on his face, Bob handed Brog a letter saying he had an audition for Swamp’s Got Talent the next day.

“I know a guy who can help you with your performance and your fear of hungry hippos,” said Bob.

Brog was so excited that he couldn’t speak.  Bob said, “What’s the matter? Fish got your tongue?”

“If your guy can help me, I might be able to win,” said Brog.

“The bad news is, I saw Harry the Hungry Hippo and he also has an audition,” Bob told Brog.

The rest of the day flew and soon, it was the day of the competition. 

Brog still didn’t have a rap prepared. The competition was being held at the Lily Pad Stadium in the middle of the swamp.

So many people were there, including Froggo, and Brog really wanted to impress her even though he was nervous.

Brog took a deep breath and walked up to the microphone in the middle of the stage and was blinded by the bright lights...