The Crystal

Blarney St. Boys, 4th Class, Fighting Words Cork, 18 May 2021 

It was a very lovely summer day and Faye was walking on her own. She came across a lot of fog, steam and dust.

All of a sudden she fell into a hole and she felt scared.When she was falling she felt like she was going to get very hurt.

She lands on the floor and she thinks she broke her knee. Then a mysterious figure comes over to her and gives her a mysterious object.

She looked at it and she saw it was a multicoloured rainbow crystal. When she looked up again she saw that the mysterious figure was gone.

Faye uses the crystal to light a fire.  As she lights the fire she says “I just want a friend.I just need company because I’m alone here”.

Then the crystal fades away and she hears a sudden noise behind her. She looks behind her and sees a little puppy.

When she gets closer to the puppy she realises it was her old dog, Toby, from when she was younger.

She put down the crystal and went over to the puppy to make sure it really was Toby. When she looked back the crystal was gone.

Faye tried to find water for her and Toby to drink. They found a tiny little pond that had just enough water for both of them to drink.

Faye looked into Toby’s blue eyes. Toby started crying because he was so scared and didn’t know where he was. Suddenly, Faye noticed a crocodile in the pond.

When the crocodile opened his mouth the crystal was inside.Faye discovers that the crystal can give you wishes.

Then she grabbed the crystal out of the crocodile’s mouth...